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Guarantee: We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Genetics:  Burke has a unique breed line with 80% success rate in producing dogs with drive and nerves required to become a police service dog.

It is becoming more difficult to find proper genetics in dogs that are suitable for police work and, to that end; Burke introduced a program over the years that accumulated frozen sperm from the finest German and Czech police dog lines from all over the world. These specimens were taken from some of the best police working dogs in North America and Europe to help create the finest bloodlines available. All specimens come from successful, proven police working dogs. We achieved this through many years of research and cooperation from police organizations from all over the world during the last 30 year period.

Training: We limit our breeding to 50 dogs per year because of our
dedicated training approach.

The Burke Police Dog Academy is committed to offering the finest dogs available that are
suited for law enforcement, narcotics and bomb detection and search and rescue operations. We
sell only to police, military and search and rescue organizations.

We sell trained dogs that have completed a 16 week training course at our training facility with experienced, referred police dog handlers who can supply validations by well renowned police
K-9 organizations. We also sell high quality, untrained “green” dogs for your own training purposes. The quality of the dog is as important as the quality of the trainer.

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