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The Burke Police Dog Academy proudly presents its puppy fostering program. This is a unique opportunity for passionate volunteers to aid in the upbringing and development of puppies that will potentially become police work dogs. Successful canines will ultimately serve and protect the communities in which they live.


With the help of dedicated volunteer foster families, our program socializes selected puppies to prepare them for a potential career as working police dogs. Fostering a puppy involves teaching it basic manners and regularly exposing it to different people and environments. At home, the foster family will be required to housebreak the puppy, teach it basic manners and set boundaries and limits (ie; no food begging or jumping on couch). Fosters will also be asked to develop the puppy's potential by introducing it to various environments (ie; high traffic downtown areas, parks, stairs, different type of flooring etc). The goal is to produce a confident dog that is comfortable and ready to work in any environment.

Provided by Burke Police Dog Academy:

-Veterinary Costs
-Collar and Leash
-Guidance related to socialization and development of the puppy

Prohibited for all Fostered Puppies:

-Homes with no other pets is preferred. If another pet is present in the home, it will have to be kept separate from the puppy at all times.
-Cannot be left alone for more than 4 hours per day. The Burke Police Dog Academy is not responsible for damages incurred within the home.
-Cannot be used for reproductive purposes.
-Cannot sleep on a family members’ bed or couch. It is essential for a working police dog to get used to sleeping and resting in its crate.
-Must never be fed table scraps or human food.
-Cannot be isolated from the rest of the family (ie: tied up outside)
-Must be a smoke free home.
-Physical force or excessive domination is strictly prohibited.

******The Burke Police Dog Academy reserves the right to withdraw a puppy from any home that it feels is detrimental to overall well being and development.

Length of Fostering Program:
The puppy will live with the foster family for approximately 10 months (8 weeks-1year). Thereafter, the puppy will be returned to the Burke Police Dog Academy for further training. Fosters must sign a form agreeing to return the puppy at the end of the program.

Apply Now!

If you are interested in becoming a foster family please contact  Doug Stoakley for an application. 

E-mail: burkepolicedogacademy@gmail.com


Thank you to all of our dedicated volunteers and foster families!!!