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K9 Handlers Course

The Atlantic Police Academy is pleased to announce a first of its kind accredited Police K‐9 Handlers Course. The APA has partnered with the Burke Police Dog Academy of Upper Coverdale, New Brunswick to deliver a rigorous 14 week training program.
The successful graduates of this program will be given a full APA accreditation and they will be job ready upon course completion.
The training course will be overseen by Gilbert Allard, a Master K‐9 Trainer with over 20 years of police canine experience in the province of Quebec. The APA partnership with the Burke Police Dog Academy brings together three key elements, a state of the art K‐9 Training Facility, K‐9 training expertise with an impeccable reputation, and a police training institution that prides itself in delivering public safety training based on the highest standards.
Donald Burke President and owner of the Burke Police Dog Academy is pleased to be a partner in this program.
With the increased demand for police dog services in law enforcement, this K‐9 program will be invaluable to policing jurisdictions that are looking to expand their service with a K‐9 unit or to improve their current force with outstanding training,” Burke said. He added that the APA program also expose the policing community to some of the finest dogs available at affordable prices making it easier to start up or strengthen a K‐9 unit.
The first course is slated for 2013. Interested candidates can make further inquiries and obtain details by contacting APA Deputy Director Eric Fiander by e-mail or at (902) 888-6716

About Burke

Working with agencies all over the world to enhance their K-9 Units.

The Burke Police Work Dog Academy is owned and operated by Donald Burke, who, for the last 30 years, has been a benefactor to law enforcement through his work with K-9 units throughout Canada. Mr. Burke is the President and CEO of a highly successful manufacturing business in Quebec and has used his resources of time, money and contacts in working with agencies all over the world to enhance their K-9 units.

Police dogs trained in narcotic and bomb detection.

He has personally trained police service dogs over the years and general purpose dogs in the areas of narcotic and bomb detection. In addition, he has used his personal dogs in support of police activity in police investigation, search and rescue and correctional institute control. One of his proudest achievements was the foundation of the Quebec Dog Handlers Association, which was to improve training methods and to establish standards for K-9 handlers in the province of Quebec.

Excellent bloodlines in working dogs.

Realizing that Law Enforcement has become more difficult every day, Mr. Burke knows that Law Enforcement agencies need to use every tool available to keep criminal activities in-check. Because of the 9-11 terrorist attack and more recent attempts to bomb aircraft, he decided to create the Burke Police Work Dog Academy to develop excellent bloodlines in working dogs and to provide the best available training.

K-9 for Cops.

The Burke Police Dog Academy was founded to help support smaller police K-9 units that do not have the necessary budgets to purchase and train police service dogs. To that end, Burke offers a program that can assist police agencies in the acquisition or enhancement of their K-9 units. Ask about our “K-9’s for Cops” program.